One of the most exciting and effective coaching methods offered at Aziza Online is video feedback.

Appropriate for all levels, live video feedback provides honest and supportive assessment for your performance, choreography, and technique development.

Video feedback can be helpful for a variety of topics, such as cleaning up and completing choreography, performance skills, and review of technique. Use video feedback for project development, technique review to develop a personal practice, or an evaluation of a performance video,

Your evaluation can include:








Aziza is excited to work with you, regardless of your current dance level or ambitions. All dancers are welcome here!

This is for you if…


You have (or can record) a video that you’d like Aziza to review

You want a quick, project-oriented consultation that will move your dance forward

You’re ready to identify your next set of dance goals, and want concrete techniques to achieve them.

You’ll receive:


Aziza’s personal attention to a video you choose to submit

A live 1:1 session to view the video together and hear Aziza’s detailed analysis and recommendations

Let Aziza support your vision!

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