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The Belly Dance Chronicles – Vol.19, Issue 1

For me, it all comes back to connection.

I started dancing when I was 3, and the connection that grew between me and my body, between me and the music, between me and the audience, as a performer; I was hooked. Throughout being a child, ballet was a huge part of my life. We moved out of Portland, Oregon, to a farm, when I was 11. My father chopped and sold firewood to pay for my ballet class. I had to help him haul the wood with our tractor, and when I had free moments, I would drive the tractor into the pasture and choreograph tractor ballets. Looping figure 8’s and creating patterns with the front and back loader of the tractor.

Part of what caught me was performance. I have always been a ham. I used to force my parents and Grandparents to watch me perform. I would put on shows and I would make my little brother do shows with me. It was not always dancing. It was recreating different things that we saw. We did not have a TV, and so we would entertain ourselves. I remember we used to take comic books, and I used to act them out with my brother, using our sliding doors as curtains. I liked to make people laugh, and I liked the attention of performing.

Fanoos Magazine Oct 1st edition

Aziza of Canada, International Belly dancer, Professor, Choreographer & and Workshop instrutor, talks about technology, teaching online, and what the future holds.

Do you feel that some teaching and performance material does not translate well to the online sphere?

I think we are witnessing the early days of an online revolution for both performance and dance. The online market has exploded during the lockdown. Going forward it is my hope that students will return to support their local teachers and studios with the precious experience of in person learning. I also think the world has opened up for many students online. These online students will become more discerning on what content they will spend their time and money on.

Finally, What do you think might be next for you in this digital era?

Most exciting is with some of the time I have had at home I have been working on a new platform for my online classes and offering pre-recorded streaming videos. I anticipate that I will return to touring once the world has opened up and I want to go forward with continuing ongoing online content as well. Live classes, workshops, and focused group projects. Another daunting endeavour that I am challenging myself with! We plan to launch in 2021!

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