Year of You 2023!

5Th Season of Online Raqs Sharki Mentorship

12-Month ONE on ONE & Group Mentorship program

Starting January 21st, 2023 to January 13th, 2024

Join into a year of community support and guidance from Aziza with select master instructors all invested in bringing out your ultimate dance potential. Are you looking for an ongoing, supportive growth experience within a group of like-minded bellydance enthusiasts?

The Year of You is a small, dedicated circle of kindred dancers that participate in collective goal setting, technique advancement, project development, and learning. With a commitment of one year, you will gain encouragement from the group dynamic, group challenges, exclusive guest instructors, community events, and monthly 1:1 instruction from Aziza.

Limited to 18 Dancers

Guest Artist

  • Issam Houshan -Master Percussionist
  • Claudia Shimmies -Creativity and Improvisation
  • Vanessa Raqs –Raqs Sharki and Folkloric Foundations
  • Siobhan Camille – Exercise Scientist

You’ll receive:

12 hours of 1:1 private lessons with Aziza

25 + hours of group discussion/instruction from Aziza and invited guest instructors

8 x Online community Events (ex: movie nights, zoom happy hour, specialty quick classes)

2 x Live online Performance Showcases

A special group choreography/video project

Dedicated private Facebook Page for discussion, support, accountability, and community

 Exclusive Technique videos

 20% Discount on all Aziza Online services (live online group classes, video coaching, private lessons, and workshops

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Join into a Year of online community support and guidance from Aziza and select master instructors all invested in bringing out your ultimate dance potential.


Aziza of Montreal, formerly Portland, fell in love with dance at the age of 3.  She continued to experiment with many styles and develop her skills as a classical dancer until she found her true love, the art of Middle Eastern Dance over three decades ago.  Her devotion to and passion for the art has led to numerous awards and recognitions.  Aziza is now one of the brightest, most in demand stars of belly dance in the world today, known for her amazing ability to communicate the music by mixing the best of classical Middle Eastern dance with her own innovative twist.

Aziza’s amazing improvisational skills and her unparalleled ability to inspire students to get to the next level make her the master artist and mentor audiences and students find memorable.   A sought after instructor, and also a lifetime learner, Aziza continues to perform and teach for students and audiences across the globe.

She wakes up every day grateful to all of you for making her dreams possible. Aziza’s promise is to always be equally dedicated to helping you also realize your dreams in the art of belly dance!


Raqs Sharki and Folkloric Foundations

Vanessa is an international performing artist, instructor & choreographer whose credits include regularly teaching at the Nile Group Festival in Cairo. Residing in Cairo, she instructs private / group classes in all styles including many of the Egyptian folklore dances. In addition to daily night club shows,she is contracted in many Five Star hotels including The Four Seasons, The Hyatt, The Marriott, Hilton Dreams, Hilton Sharks Bay, Hilton Waterfalls, Maritime/Jollieville, Helnan, Kiroseiz, Sonesta Beach, Melia Sharm, Melia Sinai, Holliday Village, Nubian Island and others. Previously based for six years in Sharm El Sheikh, one of Egypt’s most prized ​touristdestinations, Vanessa is believed to be thefirst and only (American) woman to start a production company in Egypt.


Rhythm identification,drum solo performance

In expert hands, the Arab hand drum – known as the dumbek, darabukka or tablah- is an amazingly versatile instrument capable of creating a wide variety of sound and timbres. There are no abler hands than those of Issam Houshan – dubbed the “Wassan Pharaoun” (Pharaoh of Rhythm) with his “magic fingers.”

Born in Damascus, Syria, Issam moved to the U.S. in 1990, became a U.S. citizen, and soon became the leading Arab drummer in the U.S. Issam has worked with an impressive list of singers, dancers, and musical groups, including with Sting for the Grammys when he performed “Desert Rose.” In 2003, Issam joined the Bellydance Superstars as solo percussionist- touring the world performing 400 concerts in 16 countries to over 1 million people. During the extensive touring, he undertook the task of training a number of dancers in drumming technique and now they join him on stage as back up. Issam has become recognized as one of the foremost teachers of the Arab drum in the world. He has released 3 music CDs and a drum solo DVD with Bellydance Superstar Sonia – ART OF THE DRUM SOLO. He is also featured on the Bellydance Superstars DVDs, LIVE IN PARIS AT THE FOLIES BERGÈRE, SOLOS FROM MONTE CARLO, and BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS, VOL. 1.


Safe dance practice, strength and flexibility

Is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance. Her love of music is equaled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Siobhan Camille takes a particular interest in the health, strength and performance of dancers, as she is not only a professional belly dancer, but also an exercise scientist. She conducted the first ever peer-reviewed scientific research concerning injury incidence in belly dancers, and has a decade of experience working with athletes and dancers across the globe, helping them to recover from injury and improve their performance.




Welcome! I am guessing that you are here, because you are like so many dancers of the world who are seeking more inspiration through your dance journey.  With my 30+ years of dancing and teaching experience, I am excited to help you along the way.   Over the years I have had countless students tell me that staying inspired to train and improve is the most difficult part of their dance journey.  I want to help you release the guilt and frustration over feeling unmotivated in your dance practice, by giving you the tools, tips and inspiration to create a dancers way of life. Come with me on a holistic approach to becoming the dance artist you know you can be.

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January 21st

3:00pm EST Welcome Party


February 1st

Siobhan challenge

February 17th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

February 26th

3:00pm EST Group Class with Siobhan

March 1st

Aziza Technique video posted on the Facebook Page.

March 11th

7:00pm EST Movie night

March 16th

3:00pm EST Facebook live

March 26th

3:00pm EST Group class with Aziza

April 1st


April 14th

3:00pm EST Facebook live

April 22nd

5:00pm EST Happy Hour

April 29th

3:00pm EST Group class with VANESSA

May 5th

Aziza Technique video posted on the Facebook Page.

May 19th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

May 21st

3:00pm EST Surprise Guest Event

June 1st

Claudia Challenge

June 16th

3:00 EST Facebook Live

June 18th

4:00 pm EST Group Class with Claudia

July 1st


July 7th

3:00pm EST Facebook live from Oregon Country Fair (connection permitting)

July 30th

3:00pm EST Group Class with Issam

August 1st

Claudia Technique video

August 12th

5:00pm EST Happy Birthday Happy Hour

August 27th

3:00pm EST Group Class with Claudia

September 1st

Vanessa Technique video

September 9th

4:00pm EST YoY Showcase Hafla

September 17th

3:00pm EST Group Class with Vanessa

September 29th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

October 1st

Aziza Technique Video

October 13th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

October 21st

3:00pm EST Surprise EventGroup

October 29th

3:00pm EST Group Class with Aziza

November 1st

Siobhan technique video

November 11th

6:00pm EST Movie Night

November 17th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

November 26th

12:00pm EST Siobhan Group Class

December 2nd

1:00pm EST Group Class with Aziza

December 8th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

December 17th

3:00pm EST Holiday Hafla

January 5th

3:00pm EST Facebook Live

January 13th


Book your 1:1’s with Aziza on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s

You will receive a link via email to book your 1:1 classes on JANUARY 3rd, 2023

Starting January 21st, 2023 to January 13th, 2024

Option 1: $420 deposit and $140/month (12 month period)

Option 2: $1750 USD full payment (save $350!)

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Are you interested in joining the Year of You 2023 and have questions?

Book a FREE 15 minute Zoom chat with me!

Payments & Refund Policy: Your $650.00 deposit is non refundable, only transferable one time only. Conditions and Responsibilities: Hold Harmless Clause : I assume all risks and hazards incidental to my participation in this retreat, and do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless Aziza Dreamcamp and Aziza Raks Productions for any claim arising out of injury to myself (or others) or personal loss. Assumption of Risk: I am voluntarily participating in Aziza Dreamcamp with knowledge that it involves some inherent risks and danger. Acts of God: Also called “Force Majeure” clauses, relate to events outside human control, Meaning that in this case, Dream camp will be rescheduled to a later date to be announced. Insurance: You must be covered by medical insurance that is valid overseas. You are responsible for obtaining travel insurance, including coverage for trip cancellation, loss and theft of baggage, and emergency evacuation. Aziza Dreamcamp cannot be responsible for these expenses. Arbitration: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the performance there under, including without limitation any claim to bodily injury, property damage or death, shall be settled by binding arbitration in Montreal, (Quebec), in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Arbitration Association and Quebec law. This agreement to arbitrate does not waive or modify the liability relates contained in the foregoing paragraph. Release of Liability: As a condition of acceptance each participant understands and has agreed to all information above and the following release of liability: I have carefully read the schedule of activities, requirements, the “Conditions and Responsibilities” provided by the brochure, and I am aware that the tour involves the risk of personal injury, death or loss (damage) to property. In consideration of the benefits derived by the trip, I voluntarily recognize and accept all risks thereof. I understand and agree on behalf of myself, my dependents, heirs, executors, and assigns, to release and hold harmless Aziza Dreamcamp Retreats and any of its officers, employees, agents, or representatives, from any and all claims, including but not limited to liability for delays, monetary damages, illness, injuries, death, or for the loss of or damage to property resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions. I agree to abide by the conditions set forth under the “Conditions and Responsibilities” and other sections as stated herein or elsewhere published. I affirm that I am covered by medical insurance, which is valid overseas. I affirm that I have not relied on any additional oral or written representation of Aziza Dreamcamp or their suppliers for executing this release. I further acknowledge receipt of this release and I understand and accept its terms and conditions. Any questions I had concerning this release have been answered to my full satisfaction. © 2015 Aziza DreamCamp
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